About Us

Our Vision

Everybody following our advice should get mental peace Solution to current problems and better health, sweat Relations, career advancement and full length of satisfied Longevity.Continuous research and innovations in remedies with advice from expert spiritual advisors and Medical experts.Constant monitoring the client to get real time effects.

Our Principle

Sarve sukhina santu
Sarve santu Niramayaha
Sarve Bhandrani Pashyantu
Ma kashchit dukh mapnuyat

About Us

We are astrologers with commitment and our consultations include time bound result oriented remedies. We are a team of expert advisors as

  • Astrologers/ Horoscope readers.
  • Health issues/ infertility/incurable diseases.
  • Wealth problems/career/business issues.
  • Marriage issues/incompatibility issues.
  • Psychosomatic problems.
  • Economic crisis.
  • Addictions and habits.
  • Transactional analysis.
  • Bio-field analysis.
  • Spiritual Upbringing.
  • Astro-medical advice/ diagnosis aid.
  • On line match making and marriage counseling.
  • Rudraksha Therapy.
  • Gems/Ratna Therapy.
  • Vastu Analysis with ultra modern techniques.

Our Capabilities

As a team of experienced,trained ┬áprofessionals we can guide in any problems running with your life.With continuous research and analysis we developed proven methodologies and processes to get faster results.From last decades we are successfully guiding in following cases….

Detailed Horoscope

Use Of IT Tools

We are using advance software and IT tools to generate horoscope.With the help of IT tools we analyze data and offers you best remedies.

Scientific Approach

To offer best remedies we always focus on data analysis,research and development.We are offering service which is unique combination of astrology,medical science and spirituality.

Result Oriented Solutions

Due to vast experience and deep knowledge we provides solutions to your root cause of problem.We guarantee results if you follows instructions properly given by our experts.

Empty Team
Shri Vijay Kulkarni Guruji Renowed Astrologer
Meet Our Expert

Vijay Kulkarni Guruji

He is renowned astrologer in and around Pune.His vast experience,deep knowledge,continuous research and analysis makes him popular.He served thousands of clients across the world.Team of experts under his guideline served remedies to problems related tohealth,wealth,medical,career,vastu etc.