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    Yes if scientifically studied and proper remedies are advised it is very true that the astrological findings and solutions are 100% workable and can be verified by contacting those who are benefitted.

  • ARE THESE services cost oriented and not affordable?

    Not at all as such the cost involved is only to the extent of printing charges, consultation charges and if required your Doctors charges at actual.

  • Are there any hidden charges as pooja/ abhishekam/Shanti etc.?

    Not at all as all the solutions are practically scientific and time tested and as such no religious rituals required except daily chanting few mantras and exercises as advised. If required You may get thru’ your own preist.

  • Is only particular religion followers are accessible to the solutions?

    No. We advice as per the birth chart and being only scientifically proven remedies are provided any body and from all walks of life can avail of these services. We assure that no religious minds are disturbed or affected.

  • How it is ensured that the remedies given work?

    We give first some remedies, some words, or some exercises and call You to reassess the effect after certain period after which with respect to some tools we have developed we ascertain the effect of remedies and so also client on their own tell us whether there is any change the face or not.

  • What is the period required to undergo the treatment and How often?

    For different cases the period required is different with respect to the type of problem, severity of problem and so also on the response level.